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--Concert Dates 2023--

Jan 2nd - Terra Blues - 7pm

Jan 2nd - The Ear Inn - 10pm

Jan 6th - Stitch  bar & Blues - 7pm

Jan 16th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Jan 22nd - City Vineyard - 730pm

Jan 26th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Jan 30th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Feb 3rd - Stitch bar & Blues - 7pm

Feb 9th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Feb 12th - City Vineyard - 730pm

Feb 13th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Feb 19th - The Jalopy - 8pm

Feb 20th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Feb 27th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Mar 6th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Mar 6th - The Ear Inn - 10pm

Mar 8th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Mar 14th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Mar 20th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Mar 23rd - Stitch bar & Blues - 7pm

Mar 27th - Terra Blues - 7pm

April 3rd - Terra Blues - 7pm

April 4th - Terra Blues - 7pm

April 7th - Stitch bar &  Blues - 7pm

April 10th - Terra Blues - 7pm

April 15th - Terra Blues - 7pm Trio

April 17th - Terra Blues - 7pm

April 21st - House Of Yes - 7pm 

May 1st - The Ear Inn - 10pm

May 2nd - Arthur's Tavern - 7pm

May 4th - Stitch Bar & Blues - 7pm

May 8th - Terra Blues - 7pm

May 12th - Terra Blues - 7pm Trio

May 14th - Terra Blues - 7pm

May 15th - Terra Blues - 7pm

May 16th - Young Ethel - 7pm

May 22nd - Terra Blues - 7pm

June 2nd - Stitch Bar & Blues - 7pm

June 5th - Terra Blues - 7pm

June 6th - Arthurs Tavern - 7pm

June 12th - Terra Blues - 7pm

June 13th - Freddy's BK - 7pm

June 18th - Terra Blues - 7pm

June 19th - Terra Blues - 7pm

July 3rd - Terra Blues - 7pm

July 3rd - The Ear Inn - 10pm

July 7th - Briggs Farm Blues Festival

July 11th - Arthurs Tavern - 7pm

July 17th - Terra Blues - 7pm

July 20th - Parkside Lounge - 7pm

July 27th - Stitch Bar & Blues - 7pm

July 31st - Terra Blues - 7pm

Aug 14th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Aug 23rd - Ear Inn - 11pm

Aug 26th - Sylvester Manor, LI - 6pm

Aug 28th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Sept 4th - Terra Blues - Terra Blues

Sept 4th - The Ear Inn - 10pm

Sept 11th - Terra Blues - 7pm

Nov 6th - The Ear Inn - 10pm

New Moon Acoustic Blues is a high energy traditional blues outfit led by guitarist and singer Karl Schwarz. The band performs all manner of Acoustic Blues typified by artists such as the Reverend Gary Davis, Robert Johnson and RL Burnside. Joining Karl on stage, his good friend and harmonica player, David A. Barnes, of James Blood Ulmer's Memphis Blood, and on  guitar, Mr. Jack O'Hara, who's many musical credits include the late BB King and Lightning Hopkins. New Moon Acoustic Blues never fails to resurrect on stage the powerful feelings of Hill Country, Delta and Piedmont Blues.

"A pair of New York City’s finest itinerant bluesmen team up to lead New Moon Acoustic Blues. Singer-guitarist Karl Schwarz has dug deep into African-American roots music, becoming fluent in styles growing out of the Mississippi Delta and the Piedmont, as well as traditional gospel and spirituals. His musical partner and New York native David A. Barnes blows a mean harmonica, and is probably most familiar as a member of the Grammy-nominated group Memphis Blood. Together they recreate the powerful, emotional sound of America in the early 1900s."

- Gold Star 2014

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